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Reuben Betts

Reuben has always been a creative person; from the day he picked up a video camera he knew that was the tool he would use to express his creativity.

When he attended Westview High School, his involvement in choir, theater, and photography was preparing him for his future in videography. After graduating from the Art Institute of Portland in 2006 with a BS in Media Arts and Animation, he moved to the beautiful Hood River valley. He soon bought an HD camera and started filming weddings, live shows with high energy bands, and local community theater. Reuben's experience with music and theater helps him with editing and the overall understanding of event and performance videos. Also, while working with CGN Channel 7, he learned many important standards and techniques needed to produce TV-style videos. Reuben has the skills and patience to produce a final product that is stunning and seamless.

Pre-production and planning are everything in video. Without it, your final product can end up missing important shots. Reuben's experience as an Eagle Scout helped him develop the skills and the discipline to produce and organize the many projects he has worked on. Feel free to browse Reuben's demo videos and contact him from this site.


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