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Being a musician, singing choirs, performing in musicals, theatre shows, and dancing since Reuben was very young has given him a unique edge on filming and editing videos. Not only does he have the skills to be in front of the camera his knowledge of this helps him immensely behind the camera and in the cutting room floor. Timing is everything in any kind of performance or event. Knowing what to shoot to and capture is very important. If you miss a shot or do not capture the right footage, when you go to edit can be very difficult. Knowing how to edit to music and having the skill to balance visual with audio is very important.

Every event is unique and involves different variables. We'd like to talk with you about your vision, wants, and needs for your special event, which allows us to give you a more accurate estimate. However, if you want to send us an e-mail with basic information, we will get back to you as soon as possible with additional information



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