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"I am so very pleased with FilmWise Media! Reuben was very professional and friendly on the day of the wedding. He stayed out of the way of the party and guests while still managing to capture every moment beautifully. The final product took a while as we were one of the last weddings of the summer, but it was so worth the wait! My sister went with a different videographer for her wedding 5 years ago and the difference in quality is substantial with FilmWise taking the clear win. My mom even ordered two more copies for the grandparents after she watched it! Go with FilmWise, you will not regret it."

- Dayna & Thomas

"Having just watched the video Reuben did of my daughter and son-in-law's wedding - and decided I would sit down and give FilmWise a thank you for a truly excellent work. Well done!!! The video really exceeded my expectations - the colors, the sharpness and clarity of the film, your views of the wedding - all were terrific. I don't remember seeing you working at all after we first met when you arrived at the church - either during the ceremony or afterwards at the reception - until the very end when you were asking for interview footage - so I am amazed that you got so much great footage from so many angles. The editing of all the film was so well done too - I loved the beginning piece you put together on the couple. I also appreciated the fact that you put all of the extra footage not used in the main video at the end in a separate "chapter." While perhaps not important to the main event, there were still plenty of special moments to be seen and not missed. I am, as they say, "tickled pink" with the whole result! I cried more over this video than I did during the actual wedding (although I cried then too.) You've captured our beautiful memory for us perfectly and I'm ordering extra copies to share with family."

- Pam

"Reuben and Shirlyn were wonderful! It was great having them there to capture our special day. They arrived at the time I asked them to (which was way earlier than the wedding start time) and spent the entire day And night with us! I can not wait to see our video because I know they captured all of the special moments. This company has very reasonable prices, and provided a better service than others I've seen. Well worth it!"

- Jackie & Rob

"First off I would like to say the Reuben with FilmWise Media did a great job of editing our wedding footage and creating a DVD package for us. I was referred to him by a friend of mine that told me he does great work. Reuben gave us a very reasonable quote based on what we wanted so we decided to give him our old footage. The footage was shot from one camera and was very cohesive, and gave the nice impression of being filmed with more than one camera. The pacing was good, with enough time on each part to enjoy it but not get too boring. Thanks again."

- Krista & Andrew

"Reuben with FilmWise Media is amazing! He showed up early, is very professional and was by far our favorite vendor we had. When we received our DVD we were so impressed with what he was able to do with our very modest budget. It was so great to see all the amazing shots he filmed. I barely noticed he was there. On top of that he stayed well into the after party and captured some of our most favorite shots in the bonus section on the DVD. It really seems like Reuben loves what he does. He got along well with our guests and we were so pleased with the final DVD. The quality of the editing, packaging and overall look was excellent. I will be recommending his business to anyone I know getting married in the future."

- Kara & Andy

"Reuben was a great person to work with especially because most of my family speaks Spanish. As far as prices go, I'd say he has good prices for what he offers and I feel that he really wants to please the bride and groom regardless of what package is chosen. For our video he did more than was expected and worked well with the fact that our families are bilingual."

- Sarai & Esau

"Reuben Arrived early to our wedding, set up with little help from us. After a quick walk around, he was involved in every aspect of our wedding. He made sure he had video for every important moment sometimes telling our other vendors how to do their own jobs! By far the best vendor we had and I believe Reuben is the reason our wedding went with very little hick ups! Our final video was exactly what we wanted. He covered all events and even the after party. I would recommend Reuben and FilmWise Media to anyone and everyone in need of videographer. His price was reasonable and he gave 110%! Also this is the second wedding I have seen him produce, he filmed my brother's wedding and delivered an excellent DVD for him a year earlier! Thanks again Reuben and will be sending anyone i hear in need of videography your way!"

- Heather & Adam

"Filmwise was very professional and did an amazing job capturing our daughter's wedding video. We almost decided not to have a videographer because we were over budget. I cannot express how thankful we are that we decided to do it. The cost was more than reasonable and worth every penny! We are so happy that we made the decision to hire Filmwise Media they caught more memories on video than we could have imagined. On the wedding day, we were extremely impressed with the videographers. They were discrete enough that they did not distract the guests but were present at all of the big events of the wedding. When Reuben suggested having an extra videographer we were a little hesitant but after seeing his previous work we decided to go for it. We are so happy we chose that option. Having the extra videographer added angles and shots I know would have been impossible to get with just one videographer. The overall quality and attention to detail was great. Not only did he capture the whole day beautifully he added tons of bonus footage at the end of the DVD. I would highly recommend FilmWise Media for any wedding or event. Thanks FilmWise Media for creating a DVD that our family and future generations will enjoy. The video was so beautiful it made us cry. The professional expertise and kind considerations are much appreciated right down to how you personalized the songs that played in the background of the video. Thank you Filmwise Media for giving us a gift we will treasure for a lifetime! Reuben and his staff did an exceptional job on our wedding video. It was everything we wanted and more. The time flew by and we did not realize how much of the wedding we missed because we were in a certain areas. We were anxious to watch the video just so we could relive the moments, see what we missed and see how beautiful and memorable everything truly was. I would highly recommend them for any occasion! Filmwise Media will give you the ability to relive your wedding over and over again. You will not regret it.!!"

- Mark & Jessie

"The DVD’s FilmWise Media created are so wonderful I could not have asked for anything better!! I am so grateful to Reuben and Shirlyn for filming our wedding day. They really did a perfect job and we are so happy that it turned out so amazing. We cannot thank them enough for how much they put into the final product!! I would absolutely love for others to experience the great service and final product they delivered!! Again thank you so very much!!"

- Nick & Kendra

"I found FilmWise Media by simply Googling and calling around. Lots of other videographers were way out of my budget and not available during the weekend of our wedding. Reuben from FilmWise Media was professional on the phone and his pricing was phenomenal. I knew after our conversation that he was our man. From beginning to end, Reuben kept us informed and always was focused on what we wanted. During the wedding, he showed up early, set up everything, looked and acted professionally the whole time. We received our DVD well before we got our photos from the photographer! Our DVD is exactly what we wanted, captured everything beautiful that happened that day and our friends and family enjoyed watching it as well. Reuben even added a custom intro with our wedding colors and hand drawn flowers for free! I will always recommend FilmWise Media to anyone who is looking for a videographer for their wedding. Reuben was a joy to work with!"

- Emily & Allen

"When Alan and I were looking into getting a wedding video we were not sure we would have the budget to have our wedding day filmed. FilmWise Media was very patient and let us know that they would do their best to work within our budget. After waiting till the last minute to book with FilmWise, Alan was still not convinced that it would be worth it, he would never watch it, or show it to anyone. FilmWise Media changed his mind, they did an amazing job. They captured our entire wedding beautifully, and many other moments that we were so happy to see when our DVD arrived. We were very happy they gave us the rights to copy and send out as many as we wanted. Needless to say Alan made over 10 copies for family and friends. Thanks FilmWise Media for your services."

- Beth & Alan

"First off, I should share that, my wife and I are extremely pleased with having chosen FilmWise Media to capture our wedding day on film, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer to film their event. Reuben and his wife, both, presented themselves very professionally, and remained very inconspicuous throughout the ceremony; I honestly don’t even remember seeing them move about that much, but, while we were watching our video, we could see the work they put in while trying to get the best shots possible. We were also very fortunate to have received the benefit of having two cameras there to shoot the wedding. The various angles and the transitions, along with the editing, really enhanced the quality of the filming that FilmWise presented to us. I believe that the extra cost for having the extra camera present is definitely justified with the amount of quality it adds to the production, and it is a feature that I would very much recommend to anyone who is thinking about hiring FilmWise for their event."

- Kory & Laura

"Reuben's hard work on our wedding day was easy to see. He showed up early and immediately fell in step with our wedding planner and photographer and didn’t leave until the music stopped. It was obvious how seriously invested Reuben was in ensuring that he delivered a great product at the end of the day. The video was everything we could have wanted in a wedding video. I will be recommending FilmWise Media to all of my friends getting married in the future. Thanks Reuben."

- Beth & Walter

"Reuben's video work was among the best contributed footage we'd ever seen at CGN-7. He quickly and compellingly captured the curious, quirky alpacas we needed filmed, and he surpassed our expectations. I'd recommend his work to just about anyone."

- Matt Werbach, CGN-7

"Reuben and FilmWise Media did an excellent job on our wedding video. He is very devoted to getting the best shots and working with the best equipment and techniques. We are confident in saying that he is worth every penny and will always strive for perfection capturing your unique event. The fantastic examples of our wedding videos' that you see in 's screening room is only a part of the finished product. It is hard to express the gratitude that my wife and I have for the superb job that was done for us. Our wedding at its best is forever captured on DVD for us to recall at the click of a button. I highly suggest you go to FilmWise Media for your wedding videography."

- Mark & Melissa

"Reuben and his video team produced a brilliant, professional recording of the musical "Les Miserable’s" produced at Hood River Valley High. He and his team not only executed a complex shooting process with precision, they produced an edited version of the production which took in multiple camera angles and spliced scenes combining the best performances over several days. Their final edit in essence made the live event return to us as viewers later with all the richness and complexity of the real event. Reuben took the time to see what needed to be the focus of the viewer’s attention and produce the highest quality recording possible. We were lucky to have him! He was worth the investment and trust. On a personal note, selections from Reuben's full recording were used by my daughter to audition for a highly competitive vocal program. She made it in and we heard from the adjudicators that the quality of the video helped them really focus on her skills. "

- Julie Gobbo


"When my wife and I were planning our wedding, we didn't think we could afford a videographer, but when we realized that some of our elderly relatives couldn't make the trip, we pulled together what little extra money we had and hired Reuben Betts. When we told Reuben that we were on a tight budget, he simply said, "Tell me what you can afford and we'll make this work." We got far more than we paid for, and were ecstatic with the results. Not only were there two cameras catching behind the scenes and the ceremony, all of our vows were heard clearly thanks to Reuben and his audio equipment. We were thrilled to start the DVD and hear how Reuben had woven in our wedding music. Quiet moments that we had forgotten, Reuben had captured. Our wedding was a fun and elegant celebration for everyone, and the tone and feel of all the moments were preserved honestly and translated clearly through the DVD. Silly as it may sound, we were touched by Reuben's attention to detail; our invitation image was the cover of the DVD case, and one of our best wedding photos was the back of the case. We were proud to send copies to our family. It was just so obvious how much patience and care went into making our video; the value surpassed the cost ten times over."

- Nick & Miranda

"Reuben delivered a fabulous product at a great price!! And we didn't have to wait long to get it!! The DVD he produced was easy to navigate, and the video and editing were of the highest quality! He made us look like rock stars! Thanks Reuben!!"

- Jeff, Speedqueen Underground


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